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Himanee and Jim Gupta-Carlson have been farming for over ten years in Saratoga Springs, NY and more recently at their farm in Easton, NY.  A familiar face at the Saratoga and Schenectady Farmers Market, Himanee raises chickens, ducks, geese and goats with her husband, Jim.  They got their start in farming when they relocated from Seattle to Saratoga Springs and purchased a house with 3 acres of land and a barn and began growing vegetables in their backyard. “We basically started [...]

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The Lovenduski family has been farming for four generations in two different states and two different regions of New York State.  They got their start in the early 1900s when Joseph Lovenduski arrived in the United States and started farming in New Jersey.  Joseph's son, Austin, expanded the farm in New Jersey and raised laying hens, beef cows and vegetables to sell at his roadside stand and the regional market.  Two of Austin's sons, Paul and Mark, established a farm in [...]

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Purchasing locally grown products during the winter is possible at winter farmers’ markets in the Capital Region.  Not all producers grow or store crops to sell in the winter, but there is available a good selection fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy and several other products.  Some farmers extend their seasons with high tunnels to provide customers with fresh produce all year. Others store crops like turnips, beets, carrots, potatoes, apples and pears and to sell at the [...]

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Last month we featured Four Fat Fowl, a local creamery located in Stephentown, NY, that makes delicious cheese with milk from Dutch Hollow Farm.  This month we’re happy to feature Dutch Hollow Farm, a dairy farm located in Stuyvesant, NY. Dutch Hollow Farm is owned and operated by the Chittenden family who milk 800 dairy cows and work 2,000 acres of land to feed their cows. The farm is currently operated by three generations of the Chittenden family and a dedicated team of [...]

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