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There’s no doubt about it that Americans love their beef.  We consume nearly 30 billion pounds of beef per year.  Who doesn’t love a juicy burger or steak cooked on the grill?  We are fortunate to live in a region where you can get locally raised beef directly from farmers.   Tiashoke Farm located in Buskirk, NY raises beef and pigs.At Tiashoke Farm, the Ziehm family has been raising beef on their fourth generation dairy farm for 7 years.    Several [...]

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The Cambridge Valley Farmers’ Market has been attracting customers to purchase locally grown food for 18 years.  Last year they moved from the green space in the village to Cambridge Central School to allow for more space for vendors and customers. The pandemic forced many farmers’ markets to adjust their space and layout to allow for social distancing.  As a result, some farmers’ markets relocated to allow for the new regulations.  Although the location is [...]

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High in the hills of southern Washington County, Alan and Nancy Brown have been raising beef and pigs on their 450 acre farm for 55 years.  In the 1970s, Alan discovered an old farmhouse and barn on 140 acres in Washington County and decided to purchase it.  Little did he know at the time that his dream farming would bring him to the NYC area selling local products to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) customers. The CSA concept has been around for over 30 years and provides an [...]

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Himanee and Jim Gupta-Carlson have been farming for over ten years in Saratoga Springs, NY and more recently at their farm in Easton, NY.  A familiar face at the Saratoga and Schenectady Farmers Market, Himanee raises chickens, ducks, geese and goats with her husband, Jim.  They got their start in farming when they relocated from Seattle to Saratoga Springs and purchased a house with 3 acres of land and a barn and began growing vegetables in their backyard. “We basically started [...]

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July 16, 2021

Happy Healthy Cows at Tiashoke Farm


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