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Growing up in his family’s greenhouse business, Steve Sorano learned from an early age how to grow plants successfully.  His grandfather, Lyndon Lyon, was a world renowned African Violet breeder and started Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses in 1954.   With a penchant for the greenhouse business, Steve honed his skills in the family business and went on work with a landscape company growing most of their inventory.  When the opportunity arose for Steve to purchase an established [...]

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Becker’s Farm has a long history of farming in the Capital Region.  The farm was established in 1875 when Reinhardt Becker purchased five acres of land and developed a small fruit and vegetable business.  He purchased additional land to expand the business and the farm was eventually passed on to his son, Frank, who expanded the production of fruit, vegetables and strawberries.  The next generation to take over the farm was Frank, Jr. who started growing sweet corn. [...]

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Hay Berry Farm, located in Hoosick, NY, is a diversified operation that incorporates soil health, regenerative agriculture and a diversity of wildlife.  Owner, Lawrie Nickerson, established the first blueberry plantings in 2008 and has expanded her crops to include strawberries, lavender, herbs, flowers and shitake mushrooms.  Recently she transformed the sloping hayfields into a system of perennial agriculture by creating contours to capture water and planting perennial tree [...]

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The Lovenduski family has been farming for four generations in two different states and two different regions of New York State.  They got their start in the early 1900s when Joseph Lovenduski arrived in the United States and started farming in New Jersey.  Joseph's son, Austin, expanded the farm in New Jersey and raised laying hens, beef cows and vegetables to sell at his roadside stand and the regional market.  Two of Austin's sons, Paul and Mark, established a farm in [...]

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