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Community Supported Agriculture at Edible Uprising Farm

Community Supported Agriculture at Edible Uprising Farm

With a dream of starting their own farm, Ben Stein and Alicia Brown found a small parcel of land in Troy, New York and started Edible Uprising Farm.  They cleared trees, constructed two greenhouse tunnels and a farm stand and harvested their first vegetables for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in 2019.  

Ben and Alicia grow over 200 varieties of  fruits, flowers and vegetables on their one acre farm and direct market their produce through their CSA, virtual farmers' market and restaurants.  In addition to offering standard CSA shares, customers can donate shares into a fund for families that can't afford a share.  

By creating spaces and conditions for the soil, plants and animals to thrive, Ben and Alicia maintain the health of the soil to grow nutritious food for their CSA members.   In addition to the CSA, they started a virtual farmers' market online offering customers the opportunity to order vegetables before they are harvested.  This allows Ben and Alicia to harvest only what is sold, thereby reducing any waste and providing the freshest produce to their customers.

Due to the popularity of their produce, Ben and Alicia expanded the farm in 2023  by adding 1/3 of an acre of garlic, potatoes and winter squash.  In the near future, they are also planning on offering perennial crops like asparagus, rhubarb, berries and fruit.  

For more information, visit https://www.edibleuprisingfarm.com/.

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Community Supported Agriculture at Edible Uprising Farm


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