13 Nov

Making the Connection with Pasture Raised Turkey

Making the Connection with Pasture Raised Turkey

Several farms throughout the Greater Capital Region raise turkeys on pasture for Thanksgiving.  Pasture raised turkeys are grown in a natural environment where they feed on insects and graze on a diversity of plants.  Compared to other domesticated birds raised for meat, turkeys are well-suited to pasture because they are at home in our climate and environment.
 Pasture raised turkeys that have daily access to fresh grass will taste different than turkey purchased from the grocery store.  The birds are allowed to roam freely and eat a complex, healthy, natural diet of bugs, grubs, worms and native vegetation.  As a result, pasture raised turkeys are significantly juicier and more flavorful than factory farmed birds.
 Purchasing locally grown turkey provides an opportunity for you to connect with farmers in your community.  Farmers can answer questions about their how turkeys are fed, cared for and processed.  By engaging with the people who grow your food, the act of purchasing a turkey becomes more than a trip to the grocery store.  As you learn more about your food, how it is raised and how to prepare it, you embark on a personal journey to more conscious eating and a connection to your local farm economy.  

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