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Connecting People to the Land, the Farmer and the Bounty at Denison Farm

Connecting People to the Land, the Farmer and the Bounty at Denison Farm

Brian and Justine Denison have been providing the Capital Region with fresh, locally grown food for over 20 years.  On their 164-acre farm in Schaghticoke, NY, the Denisons grow 26 acres of vegetable, herbs and fruit, certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.  Their CSA is comprised of over 400 members with 18 drop off locations throughout the Capital Region as well as pick-up at the farm.  Brian and Justine explain that the CSA succeeds because it allows them to focus their passion for working with the land to produce the most wholesome, life-giving, best tasting food possible, while building a strong bond with the members they are feeding.
 42 years ago, Brian and Justine got their start in farming on a conventional farm in Maine growing 100 acres of vegetable crops.  After some health concerns, they decided to move away from conventional farming and began farming organically in New York State.  In 2004 they purchased a farm located in Schaghticoke, NY that had been operated organically for over 20 years by their predecessor and began offering customers a seasonal supply of fresh, high quality vegetables.  “We offer vegetable boxes for 22 weeks and have been doing that since 2003,” said Justine.
 Members who sign-up for the vegetable share receive a box with salad greens, vegetable greens, alliums, root crops, herbs, and standard Spring/Summer/Fall seasonal vegetables. The Denisons also offer a fruit share supplied with fruit from farms around the region and an egg share with eggs from Hidden Camp Farm located in Canajoharie, NY.
 In addition to the CSA, Justine and Brian strive to provide healthy food to their expanded community.  They donate to several organizations and also provide produce to the Bright Side Up Farm to Preschool program, Capital Roots and Comfort Food Community.  “As a local, organic grower we want people to receive healthy nutritious food that tastes good and we would like to make our produce available to a diversity of people.  We want to feed as many people the healthiest food we can,” said Justine.
 For more information and to sign up for CSA, please visit https://www.denisonfarm.com/.

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