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Making Syrup from Sap

Making Syrup from Sap

Did you know that NYS maple syrup producers made 806,000 gallons of maple syrup last year?  They collected approximately 3.22 million gallons of sap from 2.73 million taps.  That's alot of sap!  When maple syrup producers collect enough sap in the storage tanks, they put the sap through a reverse osmosis machine to take a percentage of water from the sap before it’s boiled.  The sap is then boiled in an evaporator.  As the water in the sap evaporates, the sap gets thicker and the sugar begins to caramelize.  When the thermometer in the pan reaches 219 degrees Fahrenheit, the syrup is ready to draw off.  After it’s drawn off, the syrup is filtered, adjusted for density, graded for flavor and color and then bottled.

Interested in visiting a sugar house in the Capital Region?  Save the date for Maple Weekend March 23rd-24th or March 30th-31st.  Visit http://www.nysmaple.com/nys-maple-weekend/ for more information. 

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