15 Jan

A Visit to Dutch Hollow Farm

A Visit to Dutch Hollow Farm

Last month we featured Four Fat Fowl, a local creamery located in Stephentown, NY, that makes delicious cheese with milk from Dutch Hollow Farm.  This month we’re happy to feature Dutch Hollow Farm, a dairy farm located in Stuyvesant, NY.
Dutch Hollow Farm is owned and operated by the Chittenden family who milk 800 dairy cows and work 2,000 acres of land to feed their cows. The farm is currently operated by three generations of the Chittenden family and a dedicated team of employees.  All of the milk from Dutch Hollow Farm is sold through Agri-Mark, a farmer owned milk marketing cooperative.
As one of the few all-Jersey herds in the Capital Region, Dutch Hollow Farm ranks among the top herds in the country for Jersey Performance Index (JPI) and was honored with the Master Breeder Award by the American Jersey Cattle Association in 2012.  The Jersey cow is the Queen of Quality®,
naturally producing milk with 13 percent more protein and 16 percent more calcium than average milk.  As a result, milk from Jersey cows is richer-tasting, more nutritious and ideal for making cheese.
As a milk supplier to Four Fat Fowl, Emily Chittenden said, “We have supplied Four Fat Fowl with milk since they first began making cheese. When Four Fat Fowl's cheesemaker, Willy Bridgham, was looking for the best quality milk to use in his products, he had our farm in mind because of our connection as a supplier at his previous employment. We are very thankful that he thinks so highly of our product and has selected us as his supplier.”

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