20 Aug

It's Time to Savor the Season!!

It's Time to Savor the Season!!

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, farmers look forward to this year’s harvest.  A bountiful crop of fruits and vegetables is now available from farms and farmers’ markets through the Capital Region.  It’s time to savor the season with fresh picked sweet corn, ripe juicy tomatoes, luscious sweet melons and much more.  

If you’re interested in freezing or canning your own, some farms accept orders for large quantities.  Check a farm’s website or Facebook page and place the order ahead to ensure the product is available.  

Now is a good time to stock up your chest freezer with your favorite vegetables and meat.  Meat choices include individual cuts as well as quarters or halves of beef or pork.  There are a lot of choices - by planning ahead, you will have a pantry or freezer full of locally grown food to enjoy throughout the winter.  

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