15 Jun

Fresh Food From Farm to You

Fresh Food From Farm to You

Farmers have been busy planting crops this spring in anticipation of a bountiful harvest.   Early season crops like asparagus, rhubarb, green onions, spinach and lettuce are making way for early summer crops including strawberries, broccoli and snap beans.  Farmstands who sell strawberries are gearing up for the u-pick season.  With safety measures in place, u-pick farms require customers to socially distance in the fields and where face masks.  Farms are required to provide hand washing stations and signage to alert customers about the rules to keep everyone safe.

If you missed going to the farmers’ markets, you’re in luck.  Many of the farmers’ markets are open providing customers with the opportunity to shop for their favorite farm fresh foods.  Some markets are limiting the number of vendors to allow safe social distancing or expanding to parking lots and other areas.  If you're looking for other alternatives, some farms and farmers’ markets are offering online shopping and delivery services, but if you’re ready to venture out of the house, visit one of the farms or farmers’ markets near you for farm fresh food direct from the farmer.

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