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Husband and Wife Team Together at Soranos Greenhouses

Husband and Wife Team Together at Soranos Greenhouses

Growing up in his family’s greenhouse business, Steve Sorano learned from an early age how to grow plants successfully.  His grandfather, Lyndon Lyon, was a world renowned African Violet breeder and started Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses in 1954.   With a penchant for the greenhouse business, Steve honed his skills in the family business and went on work with a landscape company growing most of their inventory.  When the opportunity arose for Steve to purchase an established greenhouse business in Gansevoort, he was able to lease the property and purchase the business.  The business proved to be a success and within years, Steve purchase property to move his greenhouses so he could expand the business.   Steve said, “It’s worked out really well for us.  We now have two entrances which makes it much better for traffic and parking and a better shopping experience for our customers.”   

Together, Steve and his wife, Judy, grow a variety of plants in the greenhouses all year long.   The season has been off to a brisk start.  The addition of a greenhouse last year has enabled them to expand their inventory of vegetable plants.  Steve explained that everything is started from seed and plants, except for some of the herbs, which allows them to better manage the quantity and quality of their plants.  

As a husband and wife team, Steve and Judy worked together over thirty years in the greenhouse and landscaping industries and have used their experience to build a successful business.  Judy grew up and worked on her family’s dairy farm and has transferred her knowledge of growing gardens and crops to greenhouse production.  Judy explained that they have a lot of loyal customers who value high quality plants that are grown on the premises.  “We want gardening to be enjoyed, so we are here to help guide our customers for success.”

In order to keep prices reasonable for their customers, Judy and Steve do most of the work themselves. Steve said the local community has been very supportive and provides a steady workforce during their busier times.  As more and more customers flock to greenhouses in search of plants for their gardens or homes, the Soranos work seven days a week to provide a good selection of high quality plants.  “Our attention to detail and quality is the key to our success,” said Steve.

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May 13, 2022

Husband and Wife Team Together at Soranos Greenhouses


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