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Celebrating 147 Years at Becker's Farm

Celebrating 147 Years at Becker's Farm

Becker’s Farm has a long history of farming in the Capital Region.  The farm was established in 1875 when Reinhardt Becker purchased five acres of land and developed a small fruit and vegetable business.  He purchased additional land to expand the business and the farm was eventually passed on to his son, Frank, who expanded the production of fruit, vegetables and strawberries.
 The next generation to take over the farm was Frank, Jr. who started growing sweet corn.  At this point every piece of tillable ground was used to grow sweet corn and tomatoes.  When Frank Jr. faced competition from a large grocery store chain, he decided to start grow bedding plants.  The bedding plant sales were a success, so Frank Jr. built three greenhouses to expand his growing business.  In 1989 Frank's son, David, took over the thriving greenhouse business and continues offering customers a great selection of plants as well as mulch, stone, potting mix, soil additives, wood pellets, propane, firewood, hay, straw, Saratoga sod and gardening supplies.
 A key to the Becker family's success is their ability to adapt and change over time.  When Frank Jr. decided to expand the greenhouse business, he built state of the art greenhouses equipped with enhanced environmental controls.  With over 100,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor growing space, the Becker family grows a great selection of high quality plants and also offers a full line of lawn care and gardening products.  Becker’s Farm is open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday 7 am-6pm and Sunday 8am-5pm.  For more information, visit https://www.beckersfarm.com/

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