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Berries and More at Hay Berry Farm

Berries and More at Hay Berry Farm

Hay Berry Farm, located in Hoosick, NY, is a diversified operation that incorporates soil health, regenerative agriculture and a diversity of wildlife.  Owner, Lawrie Nickerson, established the first blueberry plantings in 2008 and has expanded her crops to include strawberries, lavender, herbs, flowers and shitake mushrooms.  Recently she transformed the sloping hayfields into a system of perennial agriculture by creating contours to capture water and planting perennial tree crops.

Lawrie grows eleven varieties of blueberries, fifteen varieties of Lavendula Angustifolia, hazelnut and chestnut trees as well as several varieties of perennial herbs and flowers.  In addition, the farm is home to an abundance of wild flowers and trees which provides habitat for beneficial insects and birds.  In the woods, Shiitake mushrooms are  grown on logs.  Water from the surrounding hills passes through the Shingle Hollow Brook and irrigates the fields.  The wetland is home to great blue heron, geese, ducks, red-winged blackbirds and other native birds, amphibians, insects and small mammals.  The honey bees and native bees and bumble bees pollinate the berries and other crops.

Hay Berry farm also offers a variety of seasonal workshops for people interested in raising Shiitake mushrooms, learning about foraging for wild foods and herbs and caring for blueberries and perennials.  The farm anticipates being open for pick-your-own lavender before the third week in June.  The hours change seasonally, so visit their website, Facebook or call 518-285-9039 for the latest announcements.  For more information, visit http://hayberryfarm.org/. 

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