24 Nov

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Food is the nourishment that sustains us every day.  Food comes from many places and eventually ends up on our tables to be consumed by us.  Farmers, food processors,  food distributors and food wholesalers and retailers make it possible for us to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner as well as the food we consume all year long.

Thankful for:

An abundant Food Supply.  We have the security of a plentiful food supply because of our farmers and modern agricultural practices—like science, biotechnology, conservation practices.

Plentiful choices. Local, organic, conventional and all-natural. Grain-finished, grass-finished and much, much more. 

Freedom.   Just 2 percent of the nation chooses to farm the land, allowing the remaining 98 percent to pursue other occupations. 

Jobs. Almost 20 million people are employed in the farming and food industries.

Meaningful relationships. With families, online networks, neighbors and friends. Agriculture and food brings us together wherever we are.

Thank you farmers and food workers!

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November 24, 2021

Giving Thanks


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