16 Jul

Happy Healthy Cows at Tiashoke Farm

There’s no doubt about it that Americans love their beef.  We consume nearly 30 billion pounds of beef per year.  Who doesn’t love a juicy burger or steak cooked on the grill?  We are fortunate to live in a region where you can get locally raised beef directly from farmers.   Tiashoke Farm located in Buskirk, NY raises beef and pigs.

At Tiashoke Farm, the Ziehm family has been raising beef on their fourth generation dairy farm for 7 years.    Several years ago, they expanded their dairy herd and decided to start raising beef cows.  The beef cows graze on fresh green pastures in southern Washington and northern Rensselaer Counties and are finished on homegrown forages, alongside the dairy cows, which has shown to reduce anxiety at the time of harvest.  When asked why they added beef cows to the mix, Jessica said, “It made a lot of sense because we had the infrastructure to handle cattle which made it possible for us to raise beef animals on our farm.”  They started out with a dozen animals their first year and now raise 100 animals a year.  In addition to the beef cows, the Ziehms started raising pigs because they wanted to offer their wholesome and nutritious home grown pork to their customers.   

The Ziehm family raises their cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way by using the latest technology and resources.  The animals are provided plenty of fresh grass in the spring, summer and fall months and are fed homegrown forages, alongside the dairy cows, which has shown to reduce anxiety at the time of harvest.  The Ziehms never given their animals growth hormones and they take pride in the fact that they are considered "all natural." 

They stock their product at three locations in the Capital Region – Hand’s Farm in Greenwich, Moses’ Farm in Eagle Bridge and Engel’s Acres in Brunswick.  You can also purchase their meat at the farm by appointment.  

To order great tasting steaks, hamburgers and a variety of other cuts of meat (beef and pork) for your next barbeque, contact Jessica at 518-527-3949.  

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