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Locally Grown Winter Crops and Ways to Support Farmers

Locally Grown Winter Crops and Ways to Support Farmers

During the winter months, some farmers grow crops using high tunnels and greenhouses.  This allows them to harvest crops to sell at winter farmers markets and through CSAs.  In order to grow plants at this time of year, farmers are mindful that the short days of winter have long nights and must accommodate for crops that are impacted by the dark period. 

In order to provide the adequate temperature and light during the winter months, farmers provide supplemental heating and lighting in their greenhouses and high tunnels.   Some of the crops farmers grow in high tunnels  include kale, collards, chard, radishes, lettuce, escarole, endive and arugula.  Certain greens grow exceptionally well in high tunnels, so are generally available throughout the winter.  Growers plan ahead and plant greens from August through October for harvest from September through March.  To enjoy the taste of fresh greens this winter, visit your local winter farmers' market. 

Ways to Help Support Local Farmers This Winter:

  • Visit your local Year-Round Farmers Markets:
    • Saratoga Farmers' Market, Lincoln Baths, Saratoga  Springs, NY
    • Schenectady Greenmarket, Proctors, Schenectady, N
    • Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market, The Atrium, Troy, NY
  • Pre-orders:
    Contact your local farmer to place an order to be picked up at the farmers market, off the farm, or delivered. Pre-orders make it easy for the farmer.
  • Join a CSA:
    Some farm offer a year round CSA. It is a perfect way to support your local farmer. Vegetable farmers don’t always offer winter CSAs but they begin signing up members for their spring CSA in the winter months.

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